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Subrogation Law


Our team of staff members is dedicated to handling subrogation files efficiently to maximize recovery in a timely manner. For additional information about our subrogation law services, please visit:

Claims to other Insurance Carriers

We can present your itemized claims to adverse insurance carriers, with organized supporting documentation. This results in efficient claims handling, and maximum recovery, with minimal expense to you.


We also have a great deal of experience to present and defend claims in inter-company arbitration. We can prepare and file all of your automobile, property damage, home owner’s property damage, and medical payments arbitrations.


Our litigation team members handle law suits filed throughout the state of Indiana. When negotiations are not sufficient to resolve the case, you can count on us to gets results for you in court. We have a team of lawyers and paralegals dedicated to pursuing subrogation claims. We also have a network of attorneys outside the state of Indiana for claims where litigation needs to be filed outside of Indiana.

Uninsured Motorists

We quickly and aggressively pursue judgments against uninsured motorists. We take all necessary steps to reach an agreeable payment plan for these uninsured motorists or, if they are unresponsive, take necessary steps to suspend their driver’s license. We have had success with uninsured motorists by setting them up with payment plans. We send monthly statements to ensure prompt and steady payments. Uninsured motorist subrogation claims are not a lost cause. Let us pursue these claims for you as the amounts recovered can be substantial.
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