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Intellectual Property

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Customized Intellectual Property Solutions

Every individual and business creates, consumes, utilizes, or exploits intellectual property, yet many do not know what intellectual property they possess. Worse, many go unaware of their exposure to liability in the event that they are infringing another’s intellectual property. That’s where we can help.

Our attorneys have represented or worked with worldwide brands and iconic personalities or their families, including:

  • The Saturday Evening Post Society, Inc./Curtis Publishing, Inc.;
  • Sony;
  • Warner Bros.;
  • The Family of Vince Lombardi;
  • The Babe Ruther League and the Families of Babe Ruth;
  • Marilyn Monroe LLC;
  • I♥NY (The NY State Dept. of Economic Development);
  • The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund;
  • Chuck Berry;
  • The Vatican Library;
  • Grammy-Award winning artists and bands;
  • Advertising agencies; and
  • Major manufacturers.

Almost every facet of business raises intellectual property issues and opportunities, such as trade names, logos, slogans, designs, advertising, promotional campaigns, presentations, sponsorships, internal and external work product, inventions, designs, customer lists and websites. Our areas of concentration include:

  • Trademark, Copyright, Patents: From trademark applications and oppositions, to copyright compliance and employee works made for hire (and the countless other issues that arise in these areas), we can help you develop, implement and protect your Intellectual Property portfolio.
  • Right of Publicity: Famous individuals and their heirs possess valuable intellectual property rights which can help drive merchandise sales or bring recognition and appeal to advertising, promotions or website campaigns.
  • Licensing: Licensing Intellectual Property can create new revenue streams while increasing recognition of your brand.
  • Celebrity Representation: From book deals and life story rights to licensing and endorsements and all points in between, we know how to navigate the opportunities and pitfalls that exist.
  • Clearance Services: We have served as consultants for manufacturers and advertising agencies, or in business to business applications, to clear the Intellectual Property interests involved in a given use or transaction. We know how to identify, track down, and negotiate the clearances required.
  • Enforcement and Policing: Intellectual Property is often only as valuable as the extent to which it is protected. We have experience monitoring, policing and enforcing Intellectual Property, thereby protecting the value of your Intellectual Property.
  • Litigation: Whether you are in a position to bring a claim for violation of your Intellectual Property, or have been accused of violating a third party’s rights, we can lead you through all stages of the litigation process.
  • Expert Witness: Our attorneys have served throughout the country as witnesses in Intellectual Property infringement litigation, arbitration actions, and divorce proceedings concerning issues such as valuation of intangible assets, strategies, and industry standards.
  • Advertising and Promotional Campaigns: Advertising and promotions provide fertile ground for either licensing Intellectual Property, or exposure to liability for infringement. Having worked with ad agencies throughout the world, we can help you develop and troubleshoot your next advertising or promotional campaign.
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Sales, Securitization: If you are considering a sale of your business, acquiring a business, or selling or securitizing your Intellectual Property portfolio, we can help manage and direct this complicated process.

Our Intellectual Property Group can help you develop customized intellectual property solutions to protect, build, and drive value. Let us be the solution to your intellectual property needs. Contact us today.