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Government & Municipal Law

McNeely Stephenson represents numerous governmental entities in Indiana and provides skilled counselors and trial attorneys, capable of obtaining favorable results for governments throughout the state in a variety of legal disputes. McNeely Stephenson has a longstanding record of successfully protecting the legal interests of cities and other governmental bodies in Indiana.

Our wealth of experience, dedicated approach to our clients, and ability to handle even the most complex legal matters position us well to represent city, county, and state interests, including:

  • Police and law enforcement matters;
  • Land use, zoning, condemnation, and eminent domain;
  • Annexation;
  • Civil and municipal law hearings;
  • Employment & Labor Law¬†issues;
  • Contract negotiations and disputes;
  • Taxation and financial matters; and
  • School¬†& Education Law concerns.


McNeely Stephenson assists clients in the highly regulated area of corporate transactions between hospitals, health care facilities, and physicians. McNeely Stephenson represents large health systems, free-standing hospitals and other health care facilities and large and small physician groups as buyers, sellers, affiliation partners and joint venture partners in corporate transactions.

McNeely Stephenson provides services for the full range of corporate acquisitions, integrations, and affiliations including mergers, asset and share purchases, joint operating agreements, affiliation agreements, and physician practice acquisitions. McNeely Stephenson has extensive experience with representing hospitals, health care facilities, and physicians in establishing joint venture operations. McNeely Stephenson also provides guidance regarding alternative corporate structures, including joint operating agreements, management contracts, and other unique corporate transactions.

Our attorneys also prepare physician employment and independent contractor agreements for professional and administrative services, management contracts and documents memorializing other contractual arrangements.

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