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Family Law

Sometimes you just need someone to listen, someone who’s been in your shoes and can understand what you are going through. At McNeely Stephenson we are not just your attorneys. Many of us have been through the divorce, custody, and adoption processes. We understand the stress unique to divorce and to custody disputes. We’ll listen and we’ll get you through it.

At McNeely Stephenson, we will help you with all of your family law needs. Whether you need a divorce or you’re having issues with custody or child support, or you want to bring a new life into your family through adoption, McNeely Stephenson is here for you. Whether you need a protection order or a guardianship for a loved one, McNeely Stephenson is here to listen and to help solve your problems. We are here, so that you no longer have to worry. We can also alleviate future disputes through prenuptial agreements. Let us carry that load for you.

Let us help you navigate the legal system and reduce your stress during what is already a life-altering time. Many of us at McNeely Stephenson have been in your shoes and know, personally, your struggles. In particular, Dana M. Eberle-Peay is herself divorced and a mother, and translates her personal experience into compassion for our family law clients. She wants to guide you through the process, so that you can avoid the pitfalls that she personally experienced in her own divorce. Let Dana and the other attorneys at MSTH help you get through this time in your life.

Contact the Indiana and Kentucky family law attorneys at McNeely Stephenson to meet and discuss how we can help you protect your family. Discover why so many clients rely on our trusted advice to meet their family law needs.